Enabling curved forms made from solid wood

Spanhout enables creation of curved forms from solid wood  in an easy way. Press- or bending formers, steam, screws or glue are not necessary anymore.

Curved forms

Forms made from solid wood. That’s Spanhout in a nutshell.
Preferably by using sustainable native hardwoods, and modified wood for outdoor use.

Objects and Constructions

Banisters, tables, kitchens, pubs, partition walls, doors, stairs, staircases, chairs, cubicles, lounge sofas, play equipment etc.

Indoor & Outdoor Design

Where typically is chosen for a combination of steel and concrete (whether using slates or not), Spanhout prefers its solid wooden solutions.
Designer/developer Hans Endendijk


  • Strong, doesn’t break, will at utmost bend/spring
  • Seamless and waterproof like a barrel
  • Modular built, therefore flexible in form variation
  • No glue, screws, molds or steam required in production
  • Thickness >25mm and <100mm
  • Unlimited length
  • Assembled on location, if desired


By clamping together solid wood parts with steel cables running straight through the wood, a very strong connection arises, which cannot break during normal use, but at utmost spring. Using this method, the grain of the wood is at right angles to the bend.
By variating in thickness and length of the wood, Spanhout enables the realisation of various customised spans, radii and shapes – preferably, by using native hardwoods. This unique technology provides seamless, curved wooden constructions.